Shower Stool

Product Description

This Shower Stool is strong and lightweight due to its anodised aluminium frame.

It provides a comfortable and stable seat for people that prefer to sit down whilst bathing.

The seat is made from polyethylene and is both shaped for comfort and extra wide to make it suitable for larger users.

It features built in grab handles to make positioning easy, and to provide a support aid during use.

Four rubber ferrules ensure it doesn’t slip during use and they also stop damage to the bath surface.

The maximum safe user weight of the Shower Stool is 114kg (18 stone).

Weight: 2.7kg (1/2 stone).

Seat width: 480mm (19 inches).

Seat height: 330-508mm (13 – 20 inches).

Depth: 305mm (12 inches).

Footprint high: 460 x 500mm 918 x 19 1/2 inches).

Footprint low: 410 x 440mm (16 x 17 1/2 inches).


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